Astrologers Robert Hand and Steven Forrest

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This is a recording of a discussion between Robert Hand and Steven Forrest in Seattle 2015. I post my comments on The Wakeup Call

Nice videos. Thank you wren. I've listen for about half hour and will resume when I have time.
In short: Nice conversation. Comparing medieval, indian, arabian, etc Astrology. Well, Rob Hand is a giant and #1 authority about the history of Astrology. He himself had translated numerous books from ancient time into modern english. I liked the way Steven Forrest speak - so far (30 minute mark) no one has talk about divination, but about way Astrology explain to our own self the meaning of the life we currently live in. Steven Forrest has talk about language and connection to G-O-D - something I did like as I do feel the same way. As parentheses here I would like to insert (about the hellenistic Astrology Rob Hand mentioned) a fact that after Rob Hand, the next to him is one guy (native bulgarian, living now for many years in US), who made one Astro program for hellenistic approach and transliteration of natal horoscope chart - so far #1 (and very expensive). In hellenistic Astrology there were no house system, or to be more precise - Whole house - ie - the signs are merged with the house (this is what Hand has always insisted to be right and correct). The last hellenistic (in my knowledge) astrologer was Ptolemy, then the medieval Astrology took place with it's dark piscean/christian mind.
I also agree on the conclusion of both Hand and Forrest about the dividing indian Astrology - north and south - as the south is the gypsy degradation of knowledge. Anyway, there is little to nothing in India that is not degraded to unrecognizability.

At the first hour mark Hand mentioned Allan Watt - on the old forum we had a thread with his videos.
This two guys are different - Forrest talk about prediction technics - medieval type (a la cabala stuff), while Hand is talking about the philosophical origin of the Astrology, the higher self in the astrological chart. I don't know, maybe Hand will mention it later, but the stars on the heaven are like a kaleidoscope - they filter some heavenly influences upon us at the moment of birth, although the higher self is not influenced by this. This fit the Flat Earth vision. I don't know if it is flat, but is not rounded - that's for sure.
About the language - again Forrest doesn't cope well with it - language is a vibrational field that hold some knowledge/understanding - it limit us of coping of the whole picture - similar to the kaleidoscope of the heavenly stars.
My impression is that Forrest don't feel well on the philosophical field. This explain to me why sis wren feel uncomfortable about philosophic threads and accent more on prediction technics that are closed to unconsciousness and divination. Of course Astrology can work this way too, but the purpose of Astrology is to find the higher self and understanding the purpose of existence.
When I have time I'll post some videos from Allan Watt.

At second video around 12 min. mark - Forrest talk about classical rulership in Astrology - this explain why sis wren insist so much on that. Well, sis, you've swot that from Forrest - I understand that. Go and read Jung (Peace Flower may help you - he'll post some Jung's stuff here when he have free time), pls, understand the difference btwn personal and individual ego.
Excellent interview of Rob Hand. Again he show who is the #1 in the western world (the other one was one from Nepal, but he die some time ago).

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