The Saturn Death Cult

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The Saturn Death Cult: The Polar Configuration - Troy McLachlan

Published on Nov 8, 2014
A British national brought up in New Zealand, Troy McLachlan earned a bachelor's degree in Asian and American politics before embarking on an advertising and television/film industry career in both New Zealand and later in Hong Kong where he was a resident for fifteen years. Fascinated by the cosmology of the Electric Universe hypotheses and its ability to provide rational and natural explanations for the mythological record, Troy recognized that a discussion of the model's implications and their affects on the practices of prevailing occult belief systems was largely missing within Electric Universe literature. Recognizing that the god Saturn plays an important role in some of the world's more deviant esoteric traditions he wrote the website and kindle-book 'The Saturn Death Cult' as an attempt to forge a link between the implications of 'Saturn Theory' and its detrimental effect on the beliefs of certain Saturnian-based occult groups and agendas. The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age. It attempts to trace how, following the demise of this Golden Age, mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals.
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OP Comment:

imageTalking about Polar star. Well, around 12000 years ago our Polar star was Vega. There is 6 Polar stars and each star duration in the polar region is 4320 years (6 starsX60°=4320 years)

The alpha star of this small constellation is a beautiful pale Sapphire star called Vega found at 15º 19’ Capricorn.
The "key words" (astrologically speaking) are:
Vega Keywords
Blood is thicker than water, family honor, loyalty, musical, theatrical, arty and crafty, waxes lyrical, charming the birds from the trees, pied piper, paying the piper, songbirds, lullaby, lair, aspiring, social climbers, class conscious, divas, wannabies, fans, stalkers, admirers, high status, flash cars, impressive, political clout, gangsters, grasping, publicity hungry, media whores, ancestral talents, dynasties, forging, faking, plastic surgery, perfection, idealism, the pinnacle of success, snobbery, rags to riches, riches to rags, thieving, criminal activity, torture, punishment, law unto themselves.

Vega gives beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement and changeability, and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious. Around the time Vega was our Polar star Saturn castrated Uranus, the zodiac turned back 3° (210 years) from Leo to Cancer (take a look at Dendera zodiac for reference), human personal ego was established (by Saturn), and Archons took the world. Well, not at once, but step by step in time (Saturn=Time). After the fall of Atlantis (10500 BCE) around 8000 BCE (8753 BCE) the Moon was created and some time before 6000 BCE (6600 BCE) Venus and Mercury was "born". The formulae for Satan is Saturn + Moon + Venus.

To "translate" the word "Satana(ma)" in plane english you must brake it into syllables:
SA=Life Principle - "Sa" of Life, fluid of Life, Prana, Infinity, Ether
NA=Death, Passing
MA=Rebirth, Metempsychosis, Reincarnation

imageWith other words happen like this - as in the picture.Yep, Saturn is the "Death giver" - no doubt about it.

Let's go back to Vega. At the moment "the first born" child of Saturn - Pluto (Hades) is in conjunction with Vega. Last time Pluto was in conjunction with Vega was 248 years ago - do you remember what happened in year 1768 my dear american fellows? From 1768 to 1776 is 8 years. I've said many times this in the last 10 (or so) years - the year 2023 will be crucial for all humanity. I bet my 2c that very soon some incarnation of (sir) Patrick Henry will show up in the world with his famous words:
Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

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