Orion on Empath Energy

Orion on Empath Energy

The Empath – those who have at the core of their nature the innate ability to receive energy, information, awareness from others. If you recognize this within yourself, it is also time for you to become conscious of this attribute. The difference between an Empath and a Channel is that the channel most often is aware that they are receptive, that energy flows through “channels”, and usually the channel recognizes a distinction between the channel and the energy being channeled or received.

The Empath does not receive through channels in the same way. Rather, the Empath expands their own nature like a sponge; fills its own nature with what is received. The Empath essentially absorbs into itself all the fluid energy, all the contact, all the content of interaction with others. The difficulty, of course, is that there is then a confusion of what is in the original ‘sponge’ and that which is filling it. ‘Do I feel this way within myself or have I absorbed this from another?’
Further, the difficulty and challenge for the Empath, is that most Empaths are not aware of the intensity or fullness or their receptive nature until certain things happen that interfere with and often endanger the present self. Then they say things as, “I didn’t feel like myself” or others say to them, “You’re not acting like yourself”, etc. Hints come into the conscious mind that something other than the self is interacting in their lives. Of course, there is a whole psychological way of looking at this, but we’re going to put that aside and stay in the metaphysical and the spiritual view.
In societies of Empaths, which do not exist per se at this time, there are cultural morals and mores that develop around the Empathic nature that help balance life with such receptive energy. More importantly, in an Empathic society individuals are taught how to work with the energy; learning that received energy is then transmuted, changed, translated. The ability to change the energy, which is part-conscious, part-energetic, and can be initiated by conscious will and thought. This ability to recognize and change energy is often what is NOT understood by the Empaths in this reality.
In this culture, the abilities of the Empath often are reflected in how they deal with people psychologically and emotionally and often literally in their careers as well; people who can absorb and change energy. Empaths may serve as translators. In a job, you may take one set of information and make a translation for another group. You try to help those in two different situations find the same language, to come to an understanding. Empaths can change the energy; helping others to let go of one feeling and allowing in another – transmutation. They can step down energy that is too intense for someone else by finding another way of speaking, making a more subtle thing of it; giving the principle without all the energy. Transducing -stepping down the energy.

It is vital that when you come to recognize yourself as an Empath, and then let yourselves fully understand this element of your being. It is an element which is akin to having a health condition. Like the diabetic who must watch certain dietary things, who must manage medication in a very concentrated and focused manner, if one goes off balance with these things, one can throw the Self into crisis.
We feel, it is very vital for each of you to begin very consciously addressing the energetic flow in your lives. You learn to work with the Empath energy by first, recognizing it and then consciously addressing and questioning it. Each of you must be very conscious now of focusing on when you need to be open, when it is time to be closed. “When is this my energy?” “When am I working as an Empath?” “If I am working as an Empath, it is energy if this feeling is not of mine, what am I to do with it.” You can ask. “Can I have clarity as to what this energy is? Is this energy to be translated? Is this energy to be transmuted? Is this energy to be transduced – stepped down and then translated?” Follow your own awareness of your empathic nature with letting yourself discover and then applying for yourself — evolving, your own techniques and structures; your own way of managing your Empath energy.
The Empath also must come to understand that they must set up structures for the body to work most effectively and in balance. When you live in an unstructured ,totally Empathic state, you overwhelm the body and eventually “short-circuit”. In a way, the physical body’s limitations or, rather, requirements, [which are limited compared to what the energy or spirit of the Empath can do], in a way save you by short-circuiting and therefore, closing the situation. Thus, your physical body has saved some of you from being enamored of intensity and basing too many actions on energy that may not be balanced.
In light of all this, you can see some of your choices and actions, perhaps more so reactions, were the outgrowth of unconscious Empathic connection: connecting into other people’s’ needs; connecting into needs from other times of yourself, etc. The greatest challenge for the mature Empath is discernment and differentiation.

We see in the Empath the struggle for balance. Often there are periods of excess and then a rebalance. Many of you have gone through your own periods of excess. Now you are going to come into your own period of more conscious honing of these abilities. That is part of your job, your discoveries.
In this discussion of the nature of the Empath, we are setting forth some principles and, in a way, activating your own knowledge of these things. Then because you have this perspective, you will start to see and comprehend your own actions, and how energy comes to you and you will find the mechanisms, devices, the structures that will help you work with your selves.

Following is the preface to an article written in conjunction with a presentation given at The Monroe Institute:
“In thinking on my involvement with the Monroe Institute’s Positive Immunity Program, I came to see again the sympatico link between my work with Orion over the years and the Hemi-Sync approach. Orion and the Positive Immunity Program both encourage us to approach the Immune System as an element within that we can work with. In the early days, two contributors were Christian and David, both HIV positive. They were Orion clients as well and had several sessions with Orion discussing their individual and joint approaches toward working with their situation. One situation I recall was that David had a more ‘battle’ oriented approach – he visualized killing off the virus, while Christian wanted to engage the immune system to transmute the virus.

It became an argument between them, but Orion emphasized the need to keep the language of the tapes open enough to allow people to mesh their individual approaches into the scripts of the tapes. This became an important factor in the workshops I participated in – people would lock into the imagery given in the tape and become confused when their own imagery was different. As a result, we made sure to address this issue in the Positive Immunity Program guidebook; giving concrete examples of how you may get many responses to a suggestion on the tapes. I see that the Hemi-Sync approach and the Orion work is based on respect of the individuals who come to the work; a trusting in the innate wisdom available to each of us.” Elisabeth

We, Orion, invite you to explore with us another view, some new ideas on that wonderful element within you, the Immune System. Some see it as a mechanism in the body that works with energizing the system, with maintaining the system, perhaps with ‘defending’ the physical system against difficulty, stress, bacteria, assault and invasion to the body.

We ask you to consider to think of this wonderful element as a guide, a guardian; the career of the soul of the body. A guardian element so sensitive, so sympatico, so in connection with the All of you. Connected not only with your environment within and without the physical form, connected not only with your emotions and the sensitivity of your personality and self but this dear friend, the Immune System, is also connected to further than the physical self. Connected to what some may think of as the soul, what others may think of as the All of you. Encompassing, touching into, knowing all of the travels and expressions of yourself that may have been.
Understanding this can open a doorway to forming a relationship, a communication with your Immune System. Picture the Immune System as a sea. It has an element of fluctuation, as the movement of the wave. When it is disturbed or thrown into motion like the sea, it can create peaks and valleys. It can create storms and calms. Thinking of the Immune System as a sea, gives you an image not of an even plane, but an element within yourself that is in motion and more so, this motion is natural, an expression of the natural way for the Immune System to be. It is helpful to hold the idea of ‘motion’ and ‘movement’ whenever you visualize the work of the Immune System, whenever you dialogue with it; whenever you wish to engage or direct the energy of the Immune System. All of its work occurs in ebbs and flows and although you may experience it as an intense flow or rush of energy, image instead that it has built slowly, back and forth – culminating in a wave of energy bringing support and change.

Think of the Immune System as a guide; as a part of you that is very knowing, a part of you that you can speak with. It follows certain internal laws; responds to external laws, but what is so wonderful about it and indeed is wonderful about the whole nature of your physical body and physical world is it’s extreme responsiveness and ability to change, its ability to comprehend and understand, to learn. This attribute is often underestimated and many people although are just beginning to understand that they can work with the Immune System , giving it different guidelines to follow.

The body may follow certain patterns. For instance, if a cell is growing within and the Immune System recognizes this growth it may work against it. Difficulty then arises when the cell is part of the needful cells for healthiness of the body, such as in the condition labeled ‘cancer’. The Immune System will then work against this cell and at the same time can reduce the strength of the physical body. Yet you can redirect, re-educate this guide within. If you come to this dialogue with the understanding that the Immune System has as its goal and its ideal to support you, to keep a harmony in the body, then you can come to speaking with it without anger or fear, without the sense of betrayal or attack that often people in stressful physical condition begin to experience toward their body. Your body is, in its deepest intent, at one with you. It may be that the outcome seems as if one’s body is working against you. We offer you another image, that the intent is always toward support and harmony and that you can work with the body to bring the outcomes, the changes that may be different than the Immune System itself perceives need occur.

You must remember also that the Immune System is in a dance with the All of you. It dances with your fears, it dances with your stresses. It dances with your doubts. It dances with the old messages from childhood. It dances with the beliefs of your own life, of your society’s life. It dances with the time that you live and it dances with other times you have lived. Knowing this helps you to remember that there are many questions to ask; there are many things to explore when working with this responsive guardian.

If you find that you have been visualizing or meditating towards a certain outcome and yet it doesn’t seem successful, it may be that you need to dialogue, that you need to ask the Immune System , ‘What else is at work here? When I picture health, when I picture change of a symptom and it does not come, what else is at work?’ Perhaps you can help the Immune System speak by asking the questions more specifically. ‘Are we dancing with the fear of another time, of another life?’ ‘Am I dancing with a belief from childhood?’ ‘Is a part of me remembering what happened to Grandfather?’ ‘Is a part of me fearing what happened to Mother?’

All of these questions need to be asked and often; for when you are working with changes in the body it is not a single thing. It is like the onion, layer upon layer. This dialoguing can occur simply by speaking aloud, by picturing yourself engaging with this guardian of the body as a partner, as a compatriot, coming together to harness you views, to bring an outcome of harmony and balance in the physical realm.
One does not need to only be struggling with a condition or an injury to the physical to want to engage in a dialogue with the guardian of the body. You can learn many things about yourself. You can come to clarity in many ways by this dialoguing with the sea of the Immune System. You can learn why you are drawn to certain foods. You can learn why you explore certain times of tiredness or energy in your day. Some of the information that comes to you may be information that you need to accept, that will not be changed, yet this still is information which in a complex way supports the All of you even though in the moment it does not seems one you want to have.
We do not agree with those who say good health is the ‘natural’ way of life and that all variations on that reflect a lack in the body and spirit of a being. We feel that the natural impetus is towards a unity and a harmony between all beings and all aspects of life, but harmony and unity can be experienced in myriad ways, not only in a small, even flow of perfection. Perfection is also like the sea – a moving, variable element, that is at times calm and still; at other times rolling and flowing; and at other times still, crashing and powerful. The movement of all these times together encompass the perfection.

If you approach your physical world only through the image of a singular view of perfection, you will probably come to some place of disappointment; you will probably at some point judge yourself and find yourself lacking. Yet it is not that you are in lack. Rather, it is that your image of perfection, your image of the naturalness of being is too limited, too rigid, too specific. If you allow the idea of being alive, of being in the body, of being in health to be like the sea – full of opportunity to change, full of opportunity to express in many ways – then you begin with a wide image, a varied model of wellness and harmony in the body.

Having that large vision, having an acceptance that your variation, your stress, your physical struggles may be in some place of harmony with the whole of your life, may give you the foundation to change those situations or change how you experience and live with those situation or come into a deeper, clearer knowingness of what you are exploring and what you are expressing.

Most strongly we ask you to not see illness or challenge as judgment, to not accept this as an expression of your flaws or your lacks. Instead take away the language of judgment and look at these things as those you simply must cope with – events in your life that have come through the sea of being. Events that call upon you to meet challenges, to feel emotions, call upon you to redefine, perhaps, your self, your goals or your understandings. But do consider that these events do not call upon you to judge, to turn away from, to dislike yourself, your actions, choices or outcomes.

It may be a more difficult path toward having changes occur when you speak to that Immune System Guardian from disappointment and anger, from judgment and blame – you can see that it weakens your partnership. Instead begin with an acceptance – this is as it is. ‘I will question to learn more but I understand there may be a harmony here I cannot see.’ If you speak in such a way and then engage, invite, ask of the Immune System, ‘What can we do? How can we work? Can we do this? If I picture this can we bring it into being?’ Engage yourself as a team in the process. You are inviting known elements of you and perhaps elements you cannot see or label or understand as well, to come into a circle, a moving circle of realignment, rebalancing, honoring and accepting that which is and that which can come and that which may evolve.

You can consider this talk an addition to all that you may come to know about the Immune System and health. As you learn, remember the idea of the sea, of multiplicity. When you begin to visualize or write an affirmation or receive a healing or a massage or energy work or a medication or a surgical intervention, see each element as part of a great weaving. A great Whole. A great web of interconnections. Do not isolate the elements of life. Consider that what seems simple is always part of complexity and multiplicity.

Sometimes all of these ‘multiple views’ become overwhelming and you think, ‘All I can do is focus on this one thing now.’ That is exactly so. It may be that all you can do is focus on one thing, that is why it is important that we share reminder that while you are focusing on the one thing, a part of you remembers the many things and therefore, if the one thing seems not successful or not as you imaged it or leading to a different path, you will then give yourself permission to say, ‘Perhaps there is a harmony here that I did not perceive.’ Give yourself permission to question where life takes you, to question ‘Is it needful that I accept this element?’
Acceptance is not capitulation. It is not giving up to a lack. Acceptance is, instead, honoring that you are part of many things and many aspects of living and that the conscious mind and the conscious self often can only see a certain view at a certain time. Acceptance is simply an honoring of the complexity of life; honoring the idea that there is a spiritual arena that perhaps you do not fully understand, see or comprehend. Acceptance can lead the way to change.

The Immune System is part of you. You are part of it and together you are part of much more than you can imagine. We hope these words invoke your own knowingness of your alignments and your connections with yourself.

IMPORTANT: Emphaths tend to lose the Water Soluable vitamins too quickly so that B & C should be taken as a time release, under the tongue or as a rub in cream (B as Neuro-Imune Stabilizer from Neuro-Biologix)
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