The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius!


The man of the spherical earth is an accidental monkey progeny on a godless insignificant spec of dust. He therefore accepts his human “betters” by default. After all it is quite hopeless. Why contend against the will of the many - when we verge upon nothingness? The ball-man has the base mindset of a broken slave.

The man of the planar world knows what is given before him is a wonderment of which he is part. He will accept no deviation from what is truth, what is right. Verily, God is on his side and he will not worship other men and their wealth, power or influence.

This is the simple “why?” of the globular matrix which defines the “world” which is imposed upon us by the immoral dictates of scientism.

A man living on a ball can kill a foreigner on the other “side” of the planet. For they must be very much different from us - those upside down and sideways - inscrutable people.

Whereas, a man of the infinite realm could only hope to meet a distant brother and learn his ways and what thoughts he has on the majesty which surrounds.

A man on a soulless ball feels nothing, chooses to see little and will mine the ground mercilessly. He can foul the rivers and the air that “go away, over the horizon, to the other side.”

A man, who on the vast plane, knows he is a corporeal existence upon the endless spreading earth - feels that the world is imbued with soul and his is intertwined in mysterious ways. Nothing can ever “go away” from this face of Gaia. It is the greatest foolishness to foul one’s only home.

Meanwhile, a man on a gravitational globe clings to a beast which spins while running in circles around a heliocentric fission bomb with an array of other planets. The whole works is hurling around the vast circumference of the grand disk of the galaxy while it all speeds away from ground-zero of a primordial explosion that created existence. All this at unimaginable speeds! All this at incomprehensible distances! A ball-living man could be forgiven for feeling dizzy at the the prospect of considering the very make-up of his planet - a wild ball which he is currently riding upside down, plunging headfirst through the cosmos. In this topsy-turvy, insignificant, mad-mad world - what matters? When there is ultimately no up and down - how can there be a right and wrong? He does as he wilt!

A man who stands upon the stable, unmoving Earth sees the heavenly display wheel about him. Again and again he witnesses promenade of light and spirit, unchanged for eons untold. What man would violate the premise arrayed above: that constancy is the father of truth and light? What greater moral directive could be displayed than consistency?

On his phantasmagorical, incomprehensible planet, the man relies on the theories of much smarter people - an über caste of scientists - to unravel the deeper mysteries in this space of unfathomable, impassible distances. In their “space” theory has become fact. Their paradigm of gravity must be adhered to religiously and those outside the incredible, forced matrix of centuries old theory shall feel the whip of opprobrium and the lash of humiliation.

Planar truth needs no defense.

The man on the globe thinks himself trapped. Were he to travel as far away as he could - he would end up where he is. He looks to the drooping horizon and imagines nothing further and nothing better. The man of the planar surface recognizes the vanishing point of his vision - and that the world beckons just out of sight. With a better glass and a clearer day - distant things reveal themselves. His world-view is limited only by of the laws of perception - not the imposed prison of his mind.
You can become a slave only by voluntary consent.
I am highly allergic to circumcised souls and red flags with Venusian star on them.
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