Masculine and Feminine

    Masculine and Feminine

On the dualistic nature of our world

    I would like to share with you the knowledge and conclusions of a friend of mines who has gathered a lot of wisdom, conclusions and facts along the years of studying esoteric sciences. I'm grateful to him for sharing his knowledge with me and giving me the right direction for understanding the true nature of this world.

    The topic of the true nature of the feminine and masculine has been a question of interest to humans since the beginning of civilization. Some of you with more "modern" views might start arguing that men and women are created equal and deserve equal rites. Bare in mind that I'm not going to raise the question about legal equality of genders and female rights in this text. This material will introduce you to a more esoteric and in depth viewpoint on the subject of
masculine and feminine. In my opinion both genders have different qualities and they supplement each other. This is the reason they aren't created the same and should work together as parts of a whole.

    Carl G. Jung speaks of archetypes, which resemble the feminine and
masculine counterpart of respectively the male and female psyche. They are called anima (the feminine 'half' of the male person) and animus (the male 'half' of a female person). We can draw a parallel with Rudolf Steiner here. As he represents a more esoteric school of thought, he says that the astral bodies of men have a feminine nature, while those of women - masculine. Balance between both sides of the mind and psyche has to be found in order for a person to function properly.

    This can lead us to the conclusion that most aspects of our three dimension world have both inseparable feminine and male
natures which may appear polar counterparts which supplement each other.

    The first house in astrology is opposite to the seventh one, making it to be its diametrical counterpart.

    The first house is responsible for the self, the 'door' to it in a natal chart is the ascendant. As most of you know, that it is responsible for the way we represent each other to the outer world. The descendant is the 'door' to the seventh house. The seventh house is reliable for the 'hidden enemies', as well as marriage and matrimony. Those houses are opposite to each other in a natal chart.

    The woman reflects the creative force of man, but he is the one who initiates it.

    Let's examine something from our daily man-woman relationships. Some of the guys reading this material which are interested in behavioral sciences most probably know that galls are driven back off men who are undecisive and leave decision taking to someone else. I think that from an esoteric viewpoint this is a manifestation of this principle in women's subconscious-driven behavior towards indecisive men. On a subconscious level they expect to be "penetrated" by a man's determination.

    Women are more emotional than men. The fifth chakra is responsible for communication. It is located in the throat where the Adam's apple is located also. This can leave us to the conclusion that men have a more developed fifth chakra. Most probably this is the energetic reason for men being the more rational half of humanity, as the fifth chakra is the entrance to the sixth and seventh chakras responsible for higher consciousness.

    I'm not trying to discriminate anybody, as I said both genders have different roles in life, and  knowledge about this can help one to have a better understanding about his existence. Women tend  to use the cortex part of the brain which is responsible for creativity. The right brain hemisphere  is responsible for emotions and creativity also. The left half of the neocortex is responsible for  logical thinking.

   Women also have a more well-developed heart chakra. The mother instinct is a quality we owe to this fact. Sociopaths and psychopaths have been depraved by their feminine 'half'.

     A lot of things operate with the masculine and feminine principle in the universe we know. From these statements we can come to the conclusion that the rational part of the psyche is male and the emotional or subconscious part is feminine. Most of you probably remember the myth of Orpheus, who went into the underworld to save his beloved one Eurydice.

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  • I can't resist to express my satisfaction of reading this article, the way you understand the duality of the nature. Masculine/Feminine are "de facto" inseparable and if separation exist, it is pure illusional, chimerical. In this chimerical illusion (called Maya) the separated masculine become psychopathic and the separated feminine represent the demonic world ("created" by Lilith - the "first wife" of (heavenly) Adam).
    You can become a slave only by voluntary consent.
    I am highly allergic to circumcised souls and red flags with Venusian star on them.
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    Each dualism aim at forming a trigone. Male enegries which vortex in a clockwise direction, opposite to women's energies which vortex in unter-clockwise direction. "Binary" forms are the forms of this dualistic world, those are the ways of Venus. The triangle is the perfect form. 
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