The Power of the Mind and the Human Ego

The Power of the Mind and the Human Ego

On the nature of the Mind

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   I would like to continue with putting together the wisdom and spiritual lesson taught to me by my friend. In this article I would like to draw your attention to the power of human thought and the true role and functions of the human ego (as opposed to the way we are being conditioned to have it used against us and our spiritual nature).

    In recent times we're flooded with self-help literature and practical psychology books that teach us about the power of our mind. I don't know if there's an agenda behind this, but most of those books concentrate on the topic of our subconscious mind and focus the reader's attention mainly on the subconscious part of human psychology, intentionally or not leaving behind roles and importance of the conscious part.

    As sound resides in the third material dimension, thoughts manifests and become material thought it. Thoughts and their origin are a real mystery for scientists. They are lowered down to us from the fourth dimension of our existing reality. Speech is something characteristic of our third dimensional world.

    The "language" which our subconscious mind speaks is that of symbols and images, the logic of speech is more typical of the left side of the brain and third-dimensional logic.

    We need to experience both in this three-dimensional reality to learn and to thrive spiritually and experience different situations from various viewpoints and possible positions.

    I would like to emphasise on the role of the personal ego. In the age we live in, its role is often misinterpreted. We are conditioned by society and the mass media to use our personal egos against us, only to achieve material goals. The role of our ego is to protect ourselves, to signal the psyche when danger for ones' survival is approaching and when to make use of ones hidden potential to escape а threat which is drawing near. The societies we live in are pushing us to believe that there are always enemies we need to defend from instead of using all this mental energy to learn and to create.

    The mass culture we are being bombarded today emphasises the role of the ego to be primary in one's behavior. The demonic culture we live in is forcing us to mistake our true selves with our personas. We are pushed into personify ourselves with our name, profession, current vocation, superficial appearance. Those aspects have an important role and we can use them in our spiritual journey, but the human personality doesn't start nor end with them!

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  • Some beings that are so much obsessed with their fleshly mortal self are so confused at their time of death that they choose to stay in the fourth dimension to reincarnate again soon in the third dimension.

    Speech encapsulates and encloses our thoughts in the form of sound and words, as we have a material brain, as well as a spiritual one. We become close to our higher selves when we stop using the material brain and are in absolute silence without sound nor speech. This is why meditation is achieved in absolute silence.

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  • I would like to add that there's difference between the intelligence which originates from the material brain and the wisdom/consciousness which emanates from the spiritual one. We can get caught up in the ego trap if we cling to the first too much. Our modern day culture is trying to manipulate us so that we don't acknowledge and use the latter. The material brain is just a tool, real humans from the human kind should come to remember that.
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