13 Reasons Why Old Souls Struggle to Find Love

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13 Reasons Why Old Souls Struggle to Find Love

Published on Oct 31, 2017

Many old souls struggle to find love because they desire a partner who is honest, genuine, passionate, and exciting—and it’s not easy to find a person who truly possesses a couple of these characteristics, let alone all of them. Read the following list in order to deeply comprehend why old souls in particular experience difficulties when searching for love (or to find out if old souls might actually be searching for you).

#1: They desire genuine love. Old souls want to know precisely who they are loving; they don’t want to have to ever pretend with their partner, and they don’t want their partner to ever have to (or want to) pretend with them.

#2: They want to learn from love in meaningful ways. Old souls desire helpful and insightful guidance and knowledge from their partner, which requires a partner who possesses above average intelligence and honor. Again, it’s very hard to find people who demonstrate one of these traits exceptionally well let alone both of them. However, guidance and knowledge are for the most part only beneficial when they are 100% accurate—so, for many old souls, the search and the struggle continues.

#3: They don’t want to fix people (even if they are capable of doing so). Unfortunately, old souls seem to attract lots of people who both need and are looking for help (probably because they’re pretty sure an old soul will be capable of solving a lot of their problems). But due to experiences, old souls know that this is a bad way to start and maintain any relationship, and also that it isn’t beneficial to either person in the long run.

#4: Old souls are complex individuals. They think often and deeply, and they have intense personalities as a result of this. So, “normal” souls who think “normally” are prone to misunderstand old souls—or to be unable of providing them with the type of love which they want and need, at least.

#5: They know that love does not equate to “really liking” someone. To put it another way, old souls require a love that borders on consuming them. They want to love someone because they instinctively have no choice in the matter, not because they might love someone.

#6: They need a partner who is healthily vulnerable. Only a partner who can risk genuinely having their heart broken can possibly allow their heart to be genuinely loved.

#7: Old souls require active commitment. This must be demonstrated by way of a partner’s actions, rather than by way of their words.

#8: Old souls require a love which is whole. This demands that both individuals truly love themselves, without or without the other person, and with or without any other person, period.

#9: Old souls need soulmates. This entails spiritualness, and spiritual companionship—a Soulmate or Twin Flame kind of love.

#10: They don’t enjoy dating in general. But this is only because most of the people they have dated have not been old souls themselves.

#11: They’ve been wounded deeply before. Old souls love hard, and fall hard—even harder than normal souls do.

#12: They require so much more than sex. This isn’t to say that old souls can’t (or don’t) enjoy having sex under less than ideal circumstances. Instead, it means that old souls can’t remain in happy relationships with other individuals just because the sex is enjoyable (or even extremely enjoyable).

#13: Old souls have free spirits. And a free spirit can only remain free if it is embraced by another spirit as opposed to being restricted by it.
Free spirits tend to change and grow—well—rather freely, so finding another free spirit that continues to compliment an old soul is even more difficult or impossible. But if you’re an old soul yourself (or if you’re someone who’d like to love an old soul), there’s no reason for this list to alarm you.

On top of all the characteristics which have already been mentioned, an old soul also never quits looking for something until they find it.


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