How Are Empaths Different From Sympaths And Generally Compassionate People

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How Are Empaths Different From Sympaths And Generally Compassionate People

Published on Nov 12, 2017
All people on the face of the earth modulate frequencies in a unique way;  there are even so many class variations that it becomes extremely difficult to put labels on any of them. But, then how can we differentiate Empaths from sympaths and other people who practice compassion?

Empaths are those who are able to apprehend the mental and the emotional state of others in a very precise way. But sensitive empaths can experience empathy burnouts and many other conditions. Sympaths on the other hand are able to relate to the pain and sorrow of others without any real need to express  themselves beyond that. Due to their emotional exclusion from the act, they are more able to act as a catalyst than an empath.

Sympaths are thus better healers than empaths in many circumstances. The compassionate people are all about love in the action. Let us try to understand this with the help of an example. Say all three types of people are observing a cat chasing and killing a mouse. The sympath feels bad for the mouse but does not take any pain from the act and has no need for further expression. The Empath will feel pain and would want to end all the sufferings of the mouse. The compassionate person will simply see the grand scheme of nature in the act.

This does not go to say that the sympaths cannot be compassionate, or a compassionate can dive into empathy and forget its own identity of compassion. Some might think that one is better than the other, but it is not so. All are where they need to be. So, if you find calm and peace as an empath then be it. If you feel comfortable as a sympath, then it is fine as well. It is about your comfort with what you are. Are you being drained in your current state? Do you love your present state?

These are some of the more important questions that need to be addressed. The reason why we see a lot of empaths in the present times is because of the transition. The empaths hold a frequency that is very closely tied to duality which blocks their ability to see beyond the  right/wrong paradigm.
The empaths are more able to see the paradigm when they move towards the path of compassion. This shift towards compassion is relatively easy for an empath as they are able to vibrate at a very high level, which a normal person cannot achieve easily. The reason for this is their own experiences of pain and sufferings which they see; observe and experience in this world.

These painful experiences can be destructive for the self but if channelized properly they can take the empath to the higher levels of awareness. When one enters a space where they have a knowing that all is well, happening according to the grand scheme and will end well regardless of how it is feeling in the present moment, then only can they find their true powers. What do you think about the difference in Empaths, Sympaths and compassionate people? Which category do you belong to?

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