My Narcissist Ex Girlfriend

My Narcissist Ex Girlfriend - MGTOW

This video is brought to you by a donation from Roy and here's what he has to say: 
"Hi Sandman, thank you for all that you do. I wanted to quickly talk to you about my narcissist Ex girlfriend. I will tell you that after my experience with her it pushed me to your content and others, and helped me in so many ways. 

So here it goes - I helped build a martial arts school with who I thought was my friend of 24 years. I used to teach my ex's girlfriends son a number of years ago and I always thought he was awesome. We bonded like crazy. Fast forward a couple years later I had moved a few hours away for a different job and she hit me up on facebook. Next thing you know my ex and her son and I met up, and we had a great day together. That night, as I was trying to leave she gave me those "deer eyes love" and I had to kiss her. After that, I was done. We became an instant family and I bonded with both my ex and her son. Her son and I would hold hands, wrestle as she focused on her "masters degree" which I found out was total BS. 

After I paid for a weekend of skiing and spa days for her apparently she saw porn on my phone and although we had sex that night and a week later she started acting weird. Fast forward 3 weeks, she broke up with me because of it. She's got a messed up childhood but I thought we talked through that. Anyway, I moved back 2 weeks later and started teaching at the studio again and saw her a few times. I did my best to be cool. But I remember one day when I walked out of the studio and past her car, she literally ducked behind the dash to "try" to avoid me. I took this sort of abuse every week for about a month and couldn't take it again so I quit. 

I loved this studio and teaching and somehow my feelings about it didn't matter to anyone. This was about two years ago and I've contacted her a few times but no response. She has no problem contacting our mutual friends my "friend" of 24 years specifically. A few months ago, my "friends" daughter basically my God Daughter was graduating high school. I texted my ex and said "hey. . . try not to be a jerk or act strangely at the event". She immediately contacted my so called friend and he texted me that I was un-invited to the party and I was told I'd be sorry of I showed up. 

Now they have collectively threatened me over the last couple years with police action and physical threats as well. It pains me but I learned a lot from this experience. Still - It pisses me off that this girl not only broke my heart but turned an entire community against me. What are your thoughts on this Narcissist and woman in general turning people against each other? I'm doing awesome and I'm so glad that the experience taught me how to be on my own. Cheer bro." 
Once a woman leaves she also takes the mutual friends. Everything is about her. Lol so true they take the money, and even your friends lol. They’re the master MANipulators. "Sexy Drifter, Criminal Signs"

You can become a slave only by voluntary consent.
I am highly allergic to circumcised souls and red flags with Venusian star on them.
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